The Kings Game

Daphne Hale is dead. Isn’t she?

She thought she was on the road trip from hell, but after the bus carrying her and twenty coeds plunges off a cliff, Daphne might actually be there. Caught somewhere between life and death, Daphne and her fellow travelers find themselves in a mysterious realm with a second chance…if they dare to take it.

At the center of this new existence is the mysterious Essos. The charismatic and fascinating man offers the women a choice—move on to the Afterlife, or stay and compete against each other for a new role—Queen of the Underworld.

The rules are simple. Be yourself. Don’t ask questions. Trust the process. But as strange dreams haunt her nights and new allies make her second-guess everything, Daphne will face a different choice between believing her eyes…and listening to her heart.