I am the girl who infiltrated the cyborg rebellion--you thought it was hard?
I hacked Viper’s processors and boom I was in.
Sure, call me the villain, but what would you be willing to do to rescue your best friend?
For me, the answer was easy--I would do anything.
I now find myself an unwanted guest of the cyborg rebellion--the female every cyborg eyes with suspicion and the one Viper hates with a passion.
I can’t blame him. I would hate me too.
So why do I catch him looking at me with desire in his piercing violet eyes? And why do I like it and wish for more?
I am supposed to be the badass who guards her heart behind a bulletproof vest.
But the cyborgs are wearing down my defenses.
I am the girl who infiltrated the cyborg rebellion, but what happens if I let Viper infiltrate my heart?

I am the best Technology Model the Global Allegiance ever created.
Give me any code, any program, and I’ll hack it faster than you can blink
So how is it that I find myself getting my processors invaded by a tiny human female with bright pink hair?
It doesn’t matter that she infiltrated our secret hideout to find her best friend.
Or that she almost died in the process.
What Oz did was unforgivable.
I hate her. Can she blame me?
So why do I find myself unable to make her pay?
And why do I catch myself staring at her, unable to do anything more than shout insults and storm off?
Humans are filthy disgusting creatures, so why do I long to kiss this one?
I am supposed to stay strong. To protect my cyborg brothers and their mates from any threat.
But the female I should despise is wearing down my defenses.
I am the best Technology Model in existence,
But what happens if I let Oz hack into my mechanical heart and invade my processors permanently?