Snowed In with Her Bear Shifter
What’s better than being trapped in a secluded cabin in the middle of a blizzard?
Being stuck in a cabin with a hot as hell bear shifter who makes my ovaries ache for him.
Problem is, I am still innocent… and with the way his phone keeps blowing up, I believe he’s unavailable.

But the temptation proves too much, and we give into each other, burning ourselves with uncontrollable desire.
Then I overhear part of his conversation and I hastily jump to the conclusion that I had made a horrible mistake.
And when the snow melts, we go our separate ways.

Weeks pass and I can’t keep anything down.
My brother calls in Guy, and I reluctantly go with him to the nearest hospital.
What we learn flipped both our worlds upside down.

But can I let my suspicions go enough to give Guy a second chance?