The Ones Left Behind


I never meant to hurt my mother. She wasn’t supposed to see us. I should have gone after her, but I was angry, young, and confused. I knew what they thought, but they were wrong.

I made a promise, one I planned to keep. However, it would cost us all. I’m the reason—the reason the twins lost their mother, the reason Ny lost her family, the reason Jace has no one. I’m the problem and the answer.


I can’t lose them. They’re all the family I have left. Lizzy is all grown now, but she will never know what I’ve sacrificed for her, for dad, for aunt Denise, for my heart. He wanted my body, it was his, he wanted his doll collection, I let him have it.

Now I want something from him, we both do.


I’ve always wanted two things. Revenge and a family. I’ve shared everything with him since we were born. The two of them have been in my life through it all. Losing my mom and dad, having to watch my new family fall apart.

He promised he’d help me make this right, but I don’t know if he will give us what we truly want. This time we may have asked for too much.

Will this request unravel it all? Will the Di Lorenzo’s lose everything because we lost our way? Or will the ones left behind restore all that was lost?