My name is Lorenzo Valentinetti.
I am the middle child of the family.
I spend my nights living it up in the clubs.
My face is slashed across every tabloid.
I take nothing seriously and smile doing it.
When my best friend is found murdered in my apartment, I do what I always do. I call my family for help. Only this time, I don’t think my family’s influence will be enough to save me especially when she walks into my life.
She is everything I never wanted.
She is smart.
She is beautiful.
She has secrets of her own.
I want nothing to do with her, even when I realize she is exactly what I need.
When her past collides with the family’s, I am left with no choice to do the one thing I thought I would never do.
I claim her as mine.
Mine to protect.
To protect her and keep my family safe, I find help from someone unknown.
Someone with their own agenda, that includes me.
When life comes to a screeching halt, I must reevaluate what it means to be a real member of the family. Because in the Valentinetti family actions speak louder than words.
…and God help anyone who harms what’s mine.