Hear No Evil

Axel Hendrix is six feet, three inches of lean muscle and mischief. Born and bred in Portland, Kentucky, he is a sight to behold, covered from his neck to his ankles in tattoos and scars—both on the inside and outside. Industrious and quick-thinking, he eagerly works a grisly job that requires a stomach for the morbid and macabre: a crime scene cleaning business.

But now, Axel has attracted trouble with a capital ‘T’ by witnessing something he cannot unsee and drawing a target on his back. In over his head, he attempts to fulfill a promise, make peace with his inner demons, and get his life in order by eliminating the threat looming over him. But even a stone-hearted man like him has his kryptonite…
Enter English Price.

English is already aware of Axel’s reputation. Seeing him in the flesh sends unexpected chills and thrills up and down her spine. In spite of the instant chemistry, she refuses to give in to his lure. Besides, bad boys are bad news, and she’s had enough unsavory situations in her life to write a book. The brief chapter of rough neck men is closed, never to be re-read again.

But from the moment they meet, a chain of events is set in motion, and the attraction cannot be denied. Their future is already written in stone.

Come along on a dark, twisted ride chock full of pain, payback, and passion. Axel has three assignments, and he plans to pass them with flying colors…