My name is Giovanni Valentinetti.
I am the head of the Valentinetti Family.
I rule my family, my city, and all that I see with an iron fist.
My word is law, and no one tells me what to do.

War is coming, and I will do anything to protect my family.
Wanting an alliance with the Golden Skulls, I don’t pass up the opportunity when one arises.
My family is everything to me, and when two of my family members ask for help, I do so gladly.
However, I wasn’t expecting the woman they brought with them.

She is beautiful and damaged.
She desperately needs my help, and I feel compelled to help her.
Only she isn’t what I expected.
Danger surrounds her at every turn.
Helping her also opened my world to a new set of possibilities I never thought existed.

Lies will be exposed.
Friends will become foes.
The truth of who she truly is shakes me to my core.
Choices will need to be made, but my decision is already made.
She is mine.
And God help anyone who harms what is mine.