Our Lucky Bride

The Gambler Takes a Chance on Treasure Falls


Peart Tuttle is the slyest gambler in town. For the last two years, she has survived on her own by making enough money to keep her from going broke. But now her gambler’s luck has run out and she owes the saloon a hefty sum. Time to join the mail-order brides and get out of town.

Widower Anthony Sanders owns a ranch in Treasure Falls and believes he will never love again. Yet, he wants children to pass his land to. Wesley Pickens has led a reckless life and only recently with Tony’s help has managed to stay out of trouble. Would a woman settle him down or will the bad boy return to his wild ways?

Can Pearl escape her debts or will the past make her pay up in her new hometown? Will Tony and Wesley put their histories behind them or will Pearl become the abandoned bride of Treasure Falls?