His Solace

She’s purity and sunlight.
He’s evil and sin.

He’s a monster…
Pace Cardarelli isn’t a good man. He fights dark and dirty and if he’s paid enough, nothing is off limits.
Called by the Morello’s to complete a job, he moves swiftly.
Studying the man he’s been sent to kill, he never expected to find her.
The girl with the dark hair, a mischievous look and a desire to run away.
Isabel Brambilla is wild, sheltered, and determined to be his solace.
She’ll love him anyway.
Refusing to listen to his warnings, Isabel will follow him to the darkest depths of hell to show Pace she loves him.
He rescued her, stole her heart with his aggressive loving, and now she wants to build forever with him.
After eliminating the evil behind her tragic life, Pace isn’t expecting more trouble and just when he’s feeling comfortable enough to take what Isabel is promising, their world explodes, and he’s left wondering whether he can ever give Isabel the life she deserves or if she’s better off without him.