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Checking my watch, I nibble on his ear. “Fifteen minutes.”

He groans as my back hits the wall in the hallway across from Daphne’s room. “Nice and quiet.” His zipper echoes as he lowers it, and I feel his fingers move my panties to the side so he can slide home. “Always so fucking perfect.”

“Make it hurt,” I pant in his ear. His favorite way to fuck me is hard. I admit to being a sucker for it too because it means the orgasm rides the edge of pain and pleasure, and there’s nothing I love more. “Please, my master.” I don’t bring out the big-gun honorific often, but he grows wild with his need for me when I do.

“Fuck,dolce, fucking feel how wet you are for me.” He’s sucking on my neck, so I bite my tongue to keep from crying out my pleasure. “Come for me,dolce, come all over my dick.” I can already sense my orgasm racing to the surface.

Taking his lip into my mouth, I breathe into him, “I love you Pace,” as I come apart in his arms.

He holds me tighter, inhaling my cries as he takes me over the edge before following along. “I love you a thousand, Isabel.”

* * *


A year.

I’ve only had her for a year, and yet she’s made it feel like a damn lifetime. If this is what every passing year is going to feel like, I’m in for them all, and I want a hundred more. After our wedding night, finding out that Isabel was carrying my child lit a fire under me.

I dismantled the church’s entire operation in a month. Tearing down each additional parish, one after the other, burying one corrupt priest after another, was nearly as satisfying as sinking balls deep in Isabel’s virgin cunt the first time.

Loving my wife and daughter has been the easiest thing I’ve ever done, and now that we’ve been free and clear of the trafficking of children for this long, I know there is still more work to be done.

Killing has always come easily to me. And with a risk. A risk I’m no longer willing to take. Not when I have something so precious to come home to. Instead, I’ve opted to work for my father and the Morellos exclusively. For our mission: Save the Children of Italy.

Posy and Nicola have set up more orphanages in Catania, while Isabel and Amalia are doing the same here in Palermo. But they’re not simply focusing on transitional housing for children anymore. The women of our families are setting up homes for the ones who might never get adopted. Extensive background checks and interviews are done to ensure the children are free from abuse as well.

I’m proud of the mission these women have taken on. Each of them coming from places of turmoil and turning that into a goodness the world sure doesn’t deserve but are getting anyways.

As I watch the two greatest gifts of my life sleep after a late-night feeding, I know we’ll be hiring security to protect the women and children we save, because losing them will never be an option. But we understand that with reward comes great risk.

Let the challenge begin.

The End!

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