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Doing as he suggests, the burn turns to pleasure, and soon, I think I forget my own name. All I know is Pace Cardarelli. The man who rescued me from true evil and keeps promising to give me a life worth fighting for. He’s become my solace in the darkest of times and has quickly captured my heart.

* * *


As I watch Isabel sleep in the early morning light, her dark hair fanned out around her on the stark white sheets, completely nude and covered in marks from my teeth and fingers because I can’t keep my hands off her, I agonize over the message I just read from Santi.

After dinner last night with Daia’s new family, I called my brother to gather more information on Isabel’s mother. It turns out, her motherwasa junky whore who sold Isabel when she was only a few days old to the woman the church stole her from. That woman now wants nothing to do with Isabel, despite her desire to have her when she was an infant and searching for her for years afterwards. She has since lost her interest in being a mother and has asked not to be contacted again.

Santi is currently trying to find out who Isabel’s father is, but he informed me that a DNA site might garner better results than his digging because the birth mother never had a damn clue.

Isabel didn’t vocalize it yesterday, but I saw the look in her eyes as Daia and her mother interacted. Isabel wants that familial connection, and I can only hope we find her father, and if we can’t do that, then perhaps my own parents can be an appropriate substitute. I know they adore Nicola and Amalia. Having daughters instead of just us sons has been a joy for them both.

“You’re staring at me.” Her sleepy voice warms my long-dead heart. When a cheerful smile spreads across her face, I know I won’t be telling her about her parents until we’re back in Catania or Palermo. I can’t cause her heartbreak without surrounding her in the comforts of what will eventually be her home.

“It’s hard to take my eyes off you when you’re looking delicious enough to eat.” She takes the comment and turns it into an invitation by spreading her legs for me. Inhaling, I can smell her scent and don’t hesitate to crawl between her legs, lapping up her cream and sucking on her sensitive nub. I spent the better part of last night making love to her, taking her sweet then hard in her tight ass. She’s addicted to orgasms and has no trouble accepting them any way I’ll give them to her.

Like now, sucking vigorously as my fingers slip inside her body, massaging her sweet spot as my dick grows, needing to fuck her until I plant a baby inside of her, if I haven’t already. “Come for me,dolce. Give me all that sweet cream.” Grasping my hair with both hands, she pulls the strands until her body tightens like a rod and explodes, a silent scream lodged in her throat as I use my tongue to bring her down from the erotic high.

“Mmm,” she moans, licking her lips as I kiss across her belly to each hip bone.

“Marry me,” I demand. I had no clue I was going to say that but,fuck,it feels right.

“What?” Her shocked gasp as she sits up to stare down at me is filled with emotion.

“Be my wife,” I say again.

“You don’t mean that.” It’s her eyes that get me, always her beautiful eyes. The windows to her soul. She’s hopeful, but nothing in Isabel’s life has come easy for her.

“Why?” While I can tell what she’s thinking most of the time, I want to know her thought process as well.

“Well, because we’ve only known each other for a couple of days. You can’t be sure you want to spend your entire life with me.” She’s sitting up straighter now, and the furrow in her brow tells me she’s prepared to fight. I just don’t think she knows what she’s fighting for.

“Sure, I do. I’ve said it repeatedly,dolce.You were made for me. There is nothing in this world I’m more convinced of than that.” No matter what other points she tries to argue.

Biting on her lip, I see her gearing up for another argument, so instead, I ask, “Do you not want to be my wife?” I’m no stranger to rejection; however, I find myself dreading the answer. Because if she says no, I’m not sure what I’ll do.

“What kind of question is that?” Her eyes glare at me as she realizes I’m using her logic against her. “I just don’t want you to regret choosing me.” And there it is.

Her own fears of rejection.

“Never in a million years would I regret having you at my side, under me, over me, or anywhere in my life so long as you wear my ring and carry my last name.” She melts into my arms, laying a kiss on my lips that quickly turns heated and has me covering her body again. “Tell me yes,dolce, I won’t accept anything else.”

She rolls her eyes at me, but a smile illuminates her face. Radiance unlike anything I’ve seen before. Beauty like nothing to compare. Isabel’s happiness is contagious, and I’ve just been infected.




“Are you sure about this?” Domino asks me for the third time since we arrived.

“It’s a lifetime commitment.” Natale grins.

Stopping to stare at the two, who are both years younger than me, I glare at my brother. “He’shappy for me, what’s your deal?” I never thought Dom would be against the idea of me settling down.

“Girls are fucking crazy, man,” he retorts. Nat and I share a look before laughing.

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