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“You’re very handsome, Pace.” Grinning as I pull back, I lay a light kiss on her lips when I hear a commotion.

“Get your hands off my daughter!” I move quickly to push her body behind me, and when I see the man speaking, the desire to rip his head off is only quelled because of the children present.

“Albert Liani.” Of fucking course, it had to be him. I glare at my brothers because I asked them to dig into the birth father a little more while they were still in Rome. “This is who you came up with?” I snap at them.

“Why is he here, Pace?” Isabel’s body vibrates behind me. He spent too much time and enjoyed whipping her a little too much that day I rescued her. I should have killed him then.

“DNA,” Maso says as he and Donato stand to grab the man, obviously sensing this isn’t a joyous moment.

Dragging him out, he shouts out about how Isabel owes him and that he’s already received payment for her, but I don’t care. As soon as I’ve married her, I’m going to slit his throat. He doesn’t deserve to be in the same space as my girl.

“He’s gone.” I turn to her.

“He’s my father?” Tears fill her eyes.

“No.” Papa steps forward. “I am. He is nothing more than a donor.” His effortless words hold a heavy promise and work at getting Isabel smiling and nodding her agreement. “Shall we continue then?” His voice is loud, and a cheer erupts as my brothers walk back in with a nod. Albert won’t be going anywhere tonight.

Staring down into Isabel’s eyes, I wait for her cue. If she no longer wants this, it just might kill me, but I’ll always give her everything she needs. “Yes.” The word is for me, but everyone hears her.

Carlo begins speaking, and I’m not sure if I say any vows or not—she already knows all my promises—but when she speaks, I close my eyes and listen. Absorbing every word that passes her lips. When it’s time to sayI do, there is no hesitation on either of our parts, and when I finally, finally get to kiss her, I pick her up and carry her inside.

They can celebrate however they want, tonight. I’m fucking my wife until we pass out, or someone forces us apart.



“What about my dress?” Isabel’s giggled question is met with a growl from me.

Pushing her down so that her arms rest on top of the dresser, where we can stare into the mirror, I kiss along her back. “You have this slit that gives me easy access. The dress can come off later…when I’m not so frenzied.” Unzipping my pants, I free my cock as I move the fabric to the side. “Jesus.” The shoes tie all the way up her thighs. Why is that so fucking hot? “Did I tell you how amazing you look?” I’m sure I’ve thought it a thousand times, at least.

“More than once,” she sighs, pushing her ass back at me. Gripping the black lace thong, I tear it from her body, and she giggles again. It’s wild and free and something I want to experience every damn day of my life. “I could hear it again, though, my master.”

The last shred of patience I’ve clung to has vanished with those two words. Slamming into her soaked cunt, I don’t stop until her body forces me to. There’s nowhere else to go as I stare into her eyes. Leaning forward, my hips hold her in place as I settle my hands over top of hers, halting her movement as my hips begin to thrust.

A sheen of sweat quickly coats my body, and when her tight walls begin to ripple, I curb my pumping. I need her to last. I want to bring her to the edge and take it away before tumbling over with her. She’s restless as our gazes collide before I lean down to bite on her neck. Same as the first time I fucked her. Like a wild beast claiming his mate, I clamp down until I taste the copper of her blood and she’s screaming into the mirror.

Pulling out, I squat behind her and watch her pretty pussy throb, looking to be filled with my aching dick. “Pace,” she growls back at me, her eyes burning with her need for me. Grinning, I press my face into her weeping cunt and lick slowly, lightly at first, until she’s cursing back at me. Vowing to get even for teasing her.

“You want to get even?” I glance up to see her nod. “Get on your knees.” I stand as she complies, reaching down to free her tits from the confines of her wedding dress. Dusky pointed nipples are begging for a twist. Obliging, she cries out as I pull on the turgid peaks. When I let go, her eyes focus on my weeping dick just inches from her face.

Breathing deep for a semblance of self-control, I swipe the head across her bottom lip, leaving a trail of moisture that she’s quick to lick off. “Beg me for it,” I demand.

“Please, my master, please let me taste you.” Squeezing the base of my cock until it hurts, to stop myself from cumming all over her face, her lips part, and I slowly slide into her heated mouth.

Hissing out, I bite my lip as exhilaration races up my spine and makes me lightheaded as I sink to the back of her throat. “Fuck,dolce, fucking suck the beast.” I begherthis time. “You’re a fucking pro, Isabel…” My voice trails off as she takes me farther, swallowing in between pumps of her hand. “Isabel, stop…” I can feel my cum ready to blow down her throat. “Fucking stop,fuck.Dolce,” I groan just as the dam bursts, and she swallows each drop with a delighted moan.

She licks her lips as she pulls off, not hesitating to suck on the head once more, nearly making me jump, before getting to her feet and turning back around, presenting me with her perfect derriere. Almost instantaneously, I’m hard and slipping inside her waiting cunt. Biting on her again, I wrap one hand around her waist and the other in her hair as I fuck into her greedy body.

“Scream for me,dolce.” I whisper in her ear as I feel her working towards another orgasm. Her eyes glaze over, and beads of sweat break out across her flesh, rolling down the side of her face and neck.

“Pace.” Her head turns back to me. “Master, please…” Capturing her lips, I use my hold on her as leverage to thrust savagely inside her. Taking her to new heights of pleasure and crashing down with her as one orgasm rolls into a second, and then a third, until finally, we’re both so spent, neither of us want to move.

“I love you, you know.” I don’t know that I’ve said the words to her, but Nicola informed me that women like to hear it. Explaining that what I feel is beyond love, obsession, or anything else is difficult because I don’t know how to categorize it. I only know she’s everything I need in life, and I couldn’t do anything without her.

Turning in my embrace, her fingers unhurriedly unbutton my shirt before pushing it off along with my vest and marveling when she notices what I’ve done. “Is this what Papa was talking about?” Her finger traces the new tattoo around my bicep. A cuff like hers, with stones the same shade as her eyes, and the wordsIsabel Cardarelliin black have her tearing up. “I love you, too.” Pushing up on her toes, she kisses me deeply, tangling our tongues, nipping at my lips before finally sighing and laying her head over my beating heart.

After helping her out of her dress, we climb into the shower where we make love again before falling into bed. Never in a million years did I dream this assignment would land me my forever girl, but it did, and I’ve never been happier.

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