Sunset Savage

How far will you go to get what you want, princess?

Those are the words he whispers in my ear as he gets me pregnant.

Sleeping with Baptist Thompkins right before going into business together is the worst idea I’ve ever had, but there’s no taking it back.

I’m pregnant with his baby, and when he finds out, he’s going to ruin my life.

Baptist is passionate, stupidly gorgeous, overly cocky, and a total control freak.

We’re starting a new film production studio together, and our first client is this totally deranged but brilliant director that’s determined to put us through hell.

Baptist will never let me around this crazy director with his baby in me. Which is why I have to keep it a secret.

How far will I go?

I have to keep my hands off Baptist and focus on work, but every time we’re thrown deeper into this wild ride, I find myself turning to him for comfort—and for a lot more.

I’ll go further than he ever imagined I would. I have to be free—from my oppressive father, from my self-imposed failures, from the nightmare of my life.