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“It's so cute when you blush,” he said.

Astrid had no doubt she was blushing. Her whole body felt hot. She wanted to get the remaining clothing off her just so she could feel cool air on her skin.

“Please... can't you just take me downstairs and fuck me?” And there it was. The humiliating request. Even with those words hanging in the air, more than anything now, it was the tension of the space between them that bothered her. To feel so on display with so much physical space separating them. She wanted him to be with her, rather than far enough away that he could only observe her.

Angel chuckled. “I told you, you wanted me. Strip first, then I'll consider the second request.”

She straddled the pole and rubbed against it. She wasn't sure if this was meant to excitehim, or her, because if he didn't stop her, she could probably manage to come this way.

“Slowly,” Angel reminded her.

It was meant to excite him becauseslowlywasn't going to do it for her in this situation. Somehow this idea excited her even more. The fabric of the panties helped her slide against the cool metal pole. After a few moments of this she moved away and began to unhook the seemingly endless fastenings of the corset while her hips moved in a serpentine fashion to the music.

When she was down to only panties, she cupped her breasts and then put a hand between her legs. Angel stopped playing abruptly and motioned her to him. She went perhaps a little too quickly.

He rose from the bench and took her hand and led her back toward the dungeon. This time she didn't resist. He'd shown no true indication he was willing to hurt her, but it was hard to keep that thought at the forefront of her mind when confronted again with the basement and all the frightening things in it. It was too similar to the set-up Joey had. It was too much like awful things she'd seen and been subjected to. How could she be safe here?

It was one thing to convince herself that things could be okay when she was upstairs, but once again confronted with this room she found herself scared again—scared he would go too far, that he would hurt her. What would stop him?

Angel led her to one of the pieces of sex furniture. It was a long padded bench that had a sort of metal ball shaped thing that rose halfway out of the padding and was otherwise sunk down out of sight.

“Close your eyes,” Angel said.

“Master?” She wouldn't risk calling him anything else right now. She didn't think she had much negotiating power anyway, but she definitely didn't if she couldn't manage following the smallest speech rule.

“Astrid, I promise you're safe. You can ask me to stop, but only if I'm doing something you really find terrible. You can't abuse this privilege and do it just because you think youmightbe upset at some future point. Understood?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Good. Now close your eyes.”

Astrid sighed and closed her eyes. When her eyes were closed, Angel blindfolded her. She shivered as he pulled the black lace panties down.

“Step out,” he said.

He held her hands to steady her as she stepped out of the panties. Then he helped her onto the bench and made her lie on her stomach straddling it. He positioned her so that the half-protruding metal ball was positioned right between her legs, pressed against her clit. Her wetness was already beginning to lubricate it.

He used restraints to secure her to the bench, both arms and legs.

“Lift your head.”

She did so.

“Now lie back down. I want you to be comfortable.”

When she lowered her head back down, she found she was resting on a soft pillow.

There was a small click like a button of some sort being pushed, and then the metal ball between her legs began to move, rolling in place.

“Oh,” she gasped. Although she'd had a sort of idea of what this part of the bench was for, she wasn't prepared for the actual sensation of it. It was a slow, relentless, torturous kind of building pleasure. Each revolution of the metal ball drove her arousal just a little higher, sensitized her flesh just a little more.

In a distant sort of way, she was aware of Angel collecting various things from different parts of the room. Drawers opened and closed. Things came off hooks. Objects were laid on a nearby table. But her largest point of focus was on the exciting sensations from the masturbatory metal ball that continued to revolve over and over on an endless pleasure treadmill. The metal felt slippery with her wetness, creating an even more intense sensation.

She jumped when she felt Angel's hand on her, then relaxed when he began to gently stroke her back. Then he was caressing her ass. There was another click sound, and the ball began rolling faster, creating even more intense sensation between her legs.

A moan escaped her throat.

“I'm going to let you come once before we continue,” he said. “So don't hold back.”

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