Single Dads Club

I thought I was done with men after my ex-husband walked out on my daughter and me...
But now I'm caught between three gorgeous single dads—and an impossible choice.

I'm the single mom of a seven-year-old wild child, a struggling art teacher, and my house is about to go into foreclosure.
I’m basically the dictionary definition of a "hot mess".

When my best friend pressures me into joining a local single moms club, I figure it's at least a chance to vent...
Until I walk into the wrong meeting and find myself face to face with the three hottest guys I've ever laid eyes on.
Welcome to the Single Dads Club!

There’s Sawyer, the blue-eyed doctor who makes my heart race.
Jack, the muscular mechanic with a temper that sets me on fire.
And Beck, the tattooed photographer who gives me goosebumps with a single look.
All single dads. All sexy-as-sin. All totally into me.

After what was supposed to be a one-night stand, they all want more.
And when a little pregnancy test reveals two pink lines,
they have no idea how much more I’m about to deliver!

Too bad they told me they were NEVER having kids again...