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A moment later, he'd pressed two fingers inside her pussy, and began pumping them inside her. She squirmed and pushed back both against the feverishly moving metal ball, and his fingers.

He continued to caress her ass with his free hand. “Let yourself go, Astrid.”

She'd been just on the edge when he said those words. Suddenly all these things combined to culminate in the strongest orgasm she could remember having. Ever. Astrid clawed helplessly at the leather padding, screaming out her pleasure until she was utterly spent.

Another click, and the intense sensations stopped.

“Now you get to choose from a menu of options of what comes next,” Angel said. His voice seemed to float above her, detached from everything. “Option one: I can untie you and take you over to the bed and fuck you. Option two: I can whip you. Option three: I can turn the machine back on and make you come again. Choose.”

The choice was obvious. She definitely didn't want to be whipped and she was too sensitive to handle the rotating metal ball again right after such a strong orgasm.

“Fuck me.”

Angel chuckled. “I would prefer it if you'd frame that as a request. And address me the way I taught you.”

She felt her voice go soft and shy, “Please fuck me, Master.”

“Very good.”

Astrid knew she was falling into his trap, but option one really did sound the best. And even if it had been the only option, she wanted to feel him inside her. She wanted to feel his body against hers. She wanted to be cradled in his arms. But would he do it that way? Or would he fuck her like an animal from behind?


He was silent.



“Will you...”

“Will I what?”

“Never mind. Nothing.”

“No. Ask.”

“I can't. I feel stupid. You'll laugh.”

“You want me to make love not fuck,” he guessed. Maybe she really was that transparent.

She didn't reply because she was afraid if she did, that he would say no and break this spell.

Angel didn't say anything else. Instead, he released her from the bonds securing her to the bench, and helped her up, then he led her across the room back to the padded bondage bed. He laid her out on it, but this time instead of feeling the leather padding that had been there before, she felt thick blankets and pillows which he must have set up while he was going through drawers and moving things.

She flinched at the sound of a belt going through belt loops, and then jumped when the metal buckle hit the ground. Then a zipper. Then the sound of fabric collapsing to the floor. A few moments later, he was beside her on the bed.

Suddenly the blindfold was gone and she was met with his intense ice blue gaze.

“Yes,” he said in answer to her previous request. Yes, he would make love to her, not just violently plow into her like some selfish monster. Like Joey.

Astrid gasped when he entered her. Even with being so wet and his fingers already having been inside her, he was much larger than she'd expected. He waited a moment for her to adjust then began to move slowly inside her.

He stroked the side of her face and rained kisses along her throat and over her breasts. He made love to her in the way of every sappy romance movie. Sweet and long and slow and careful and so gentle that she could almost forget they hadn't met in some sweet safe way. He treated her as something precious—something almost sacred. Given the surroundings of the room, she was surprised he had it in him to be this way.

“I won't always be this restrained,” he said. “But I will be until you learn you're safe with me.”

She was already convinced. Astrid couldn't believe that he could be this careful with her and be evil. At least toward innocent people.

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