Wrapped in Winter

Winter Harris

I made a mistake that cost me my job at a prestigious hotel, and ultimately my career.
According to my boss, I was ‘inappropriate with the guests,’ but it’s not my fault they were too hard to resist.
After relocating, I’m determined to impress my new boss and work my way back up to the top, but he doesn’t think I can behave.
And when our most exclusive cabin is booked by three mystery guests, it’s me they want as their VIP Manager, catering to their every need.
Kings of an empire I've been obsessed with since I was a girl, I throw caution to the wind and fall under their spell;
Luca Wolfford is beautiful, intense, and charismatic. Reuben Moore is a playful tease. And Brecken Sainz is the brooding lone wolf whose attention is hard to earn.
They're trouble and temptation and hot as sin. And determined. Very determined to ensure my compliance in whatever games they’re playing.
So, let’s just say I have a hard time saying no…to any of them.