Sabrina's Manster

This Halloween, magical sparks will fly...

When Sabrina and her friends got together for a girl’s weekend, conjuring a spell for the Perfect Man had seemed like a silly idea, but she went along with it anyway. She hadn’t seen her friends in a while, and she supposed it was just to get into the Halloween mood.

So how was it that she ended up expecting something from it? Did it show how desperate she was to have someone by her side that she expected some silly mumbo jumbo to do something about her love life?

Of course, nothing happened. It was only to be expected because things like spells did not exist.

Yet when a stranger she meets at a party won’t take his eyes off her, she can’t help but question the authenticity of everything. She wasn’t the type to believe in fairytales, much less witchcraft and yet…she can’t help the growing attraction she had for this man.

The one who calls himself Alastair.

Will she let the magic work, or will Sabrina let the perfect man slip away?