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I do as I’m told and sit. She uses a curling iron to give me big, beautiful curls and then turns me around to apply some makeup. I feel weird as I’m not usually this kind of woman. I’ve never really worn much makeup, and I have never been in a dress this short.

Once we’re done, I walk shyly out to where Ivan is waiting in the entrance hall. There’s a look in his eyes, a primal hunger that kind of turns me on. His mouth is slightly open in surprise at how I look, and I smile. “We shouldn’t be back too late.”

“Ignore her,” Anastasia says. “We’ll be back late, don’t wait up.” She kisses his cheek, scoops up her small purse, and heads for the elevator. I’m taller in the heels, so I don’t have to lean far up to give Ivan a sweet kiss before I follow her.

Luigi is downstairs waiting for us with security, and we’re about to climb into the car when Aleks appears with two men. Anastasia groans, “I told dad no security.”

Aleks shakes his head. “He says, no security, no clubbing.”

Anastasia looks at Luigi and then at Aleks. “Fine, follow us.”

We all clamber into the car, and Anastasia and Luigi chat as we drive toward La Club. I’ve only been there a handful of times, but they’ve really renovated the place. As we’re about to enter, Anastasia holds a hand up to Aleks. “This club belongs to the Sorvinos. I don’t want trouble. You guys stay out here while we party. We’ll call if we need you.”

Aleks doesn’t look impressed, but a glance from the large bouncer seems to cement the deal.

We go inside, and Anastasia instantly goes to the bar where some of her Russian friends are waiting. She introduces me so fast that I don’t even catch their names. I smile awkwardly before Anastasia orders us all vodka shots and some cocktails. We go to find a table to sit down at. Anastasia and her friends are talking excitedly in Russian. Since I can’t understand them, I sit at the table next to theirs. I don’t know where Luigi ran off to, probably to call some of his friends for the rest of the girls. Anastasia waves a hand at me and asks, “Come join us? We can switch to English.”

“No, it’s fine,” I say, a sense of dread filling me. I hate social interaction.

“Sure? We’re going to go dance?” Anastasia says with a warm smile.

I shake my head. “I’m not a good dancer, so I’ll stay and watch the purses.”

Anastasia nods. “If you’re sure.”

I watch them dance their way onto the dance floor and form a small group. It’s sweet. I wish I had girlfriends like that growing up. It must be nice to have friends and people to talk to. I keep my eye on the bags and sip my drink. A few songs pass, and a rather raunchy one starts to play. I turn my attention to the group of girls and see a guy harassing Anastasia.

I look around for Luigi, but I can’t see him or any of his guards. I keep an eye on her, but the guy won’t let up, and when she tries to pull away, he grabs her ass and pulls her against him.

That’s it for me. I get up, push through the crowded dance floor, and grab Anastasia. “It’s time to go,” I say, pulling her away from the guy. I can see her friends standing around awkwardly.

Before I know what’s happening, this fat, balding asshole raises his hands and pushes me away from Anastasia, yelling at me to mind my own business.

He turns back to Anastasia, and I feel the anger seething through me as I tap his shoulder. As he turns around, I throw my hand back and slap him in the face. His face jerks to the side with the force of the hit.

He roars with rage and pain and steps toward me, but before he can do anything, my brother thankfully appears and steps between us. “What’s going on here?”

I look around and see a few of my brother's guards are also around. The music is still playing, but everyone on the dance floor is watching the exchange.

The balding guy points angrily at us, standing in a huddled, united group. “These Russian bitches are causing trouble.”

“He was groping and grabbing Anastasia,” I shout over the music. “And when I tried to move her off the dance floor, he pushed me, so I slapped him.”

Luigi looks at me and then at two of the guards. “Get rid of this punk. He’s permanently banned from La Club.” Before the guy protests, Luigi leans in. “Be thankful that’s all you’re getting for putting your hands on my sister and her friends.”

The guy swallows and follows the two guards off the dance floor.

I look at Anastasia, and she hesitates a moment before giving me a hug, “Thank you so much. I really appreciate that.”

“I’ll get everyone a round of drinks,” Luigi says. “You girls go back to dancing.”

I turn to go back to the table, but Anastasia grabs my hand. “No, stay. You can bop around with us. It’s not like we’re professional dancers.”

I swallow hard and hesitantly nod, although it does feel like we’re finally connecting.

Chapter 13 - Ivan

I wake up earlier than usual and find Tori asleep, curled in a ball next to me. I don’t know what time they came home, but it must have been late. I get up, freshen up, and get dressed. As I’m trimming my beard to keep it neat, I think about how hot Tori looked last night. I won’t lie; I had a restless night thinking about all the horny men who were probably making eyes at her the whole night. I certainly would have.

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