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“Don’t worry,” I assure her, “you’re going to enjoy this.”

She looks at me, clearly worried, but I slowly inch my cock into her, spreading her as I move. The thick veins in my cock are prominent as her tight hole squeezes my dick. I groan, and it takes me some time to push deeper into her. She cries out twice, but I keep going. Once I’m entirely in, I wrap an arm around her back and bring her forward. “I’ll be gentle… this time….”

She nods against my shoulder.

I move slowly, and she cries out again. The sound turns me on. No other cock has come in this pussy before. It belongs to me and me alone.

I start to move steadily, and she falls into a rhythm with me. I grunt as my balls tighten again. She’s so tight. It’s like her vagina is devouring my dick. I reach down and roll my thumb over her clit as I move, and she tips her head back, calling out, “Oh, God, yes.”

I smirk and move a little harder, keeping up my actions. She clenches her legs around me and starts to shake, and I know it’s time.

I bury myself deep inside of her and come. Then I pull out and slam back into her, releasing another shot. Out, in, and another stream, and I’m spent.

I hold her against me for a moment. Kissing her head, I slowly pull out. “Get dressed. We’re going to be late for dinner.”

She looks like she can’t even stand, and I smile as I do my pants up. “It won’t always hurt. The more we do this, the more pleasurable it will be for you.”

She nods, standing shakily and slipping back into her clothes. She runs her hands through her hair, and we leave the office.

She turns to the bedroom, but the thought of my cum trapped inside her turns me on even more. I take her hand, wag my finger in front of her and kiss her before pulling her toward the dining room, where Anastasia is waiting for us to eat.

Tori sits down on my left side and squirms slightly. I know my cum is dripping into her panties, and I try to hide my smirk.

“I’m glad you’re in a good mood,” Anastasia says, “because I was thinking of going out somewhere different tonight.”

“Oh,” I say as I start to eat, “where do you want to go?”

“Well, since we’re family with the Sorvinos now, I wanted to go check out La Club,” she says, batting her eyes innocently.

I frown and glance at Tori, then at Anastasia. “You would have to take security.”

“Can’t Vittoria arrange security there for me?” she asks. I knew there’d be an argument, but then it strikes me—a brilliant idea.

“Why don’t you go with Tori?” I ask, and I can see both she and Tori are trying to hide their disappointment from me, but it’s a good bonding experience. “You can both get to know each other better. It could be fun.” I look pointedly at Tori, who gives me a hesitant smile. “Sure, we could take Luigi with us as backup.”

“There, it’s settled. You two go out tonight and have fun. I won’t wait up,” I say, returning to my dinner. I can sense Anastasia rolling her eyes at me, but I think it will do the two of them some good.

Chapter 12 - Vittoria

I can’t believe Ivan volunteered me to go with Anastasia to La Club! I hardly went there myself, even with my siblings. I was always considered too much of a goody-two-shoes.

It’s done, though, so I dress in a smart pair of pants and a halter-neck top. I tie my hair up in a bun and walk out of the bedroom. Anastasia takes one look at me, and I know she isn’t impressed.

“You are not going out with me looking like that. You look like you’re going to a board meeting.” She shakes her head. “Have you not got something stylish and pretty to wear? And is that the only way you know how to do your hair?”

Her remark stings, and I’m lost for words, blushing a dark crimson.

Anastasia must realize what her words are doing to me because her expression softens a little. “Maybe I can help you figure it out? You’re about my size.”

She moves forward and says, “Come on, I might have something in my cupboard for you, and I can fix your hair.”

I follow obediently, not sure what else to do. I wish there were a way I could back out of this without disappointing Ivan. I have to keep in his good books, though, so I walk into Anastasia’s room. It’s a lovely room. It looks like a studio almost, with bright lights and large mirrors. She goes to her walk-in closet and rifles through some clothes. I wait patiently near the door, and she comes out with a pair of heels hooked on the fingers of one hand and a dress on a hanger on the other.

“This should do the trick. You can get changed in my bathroom, then we’ll do your hair,” she says, handing me everything.

I feel uncomfortable as I change into the skin-tight, rather short strapless dress. I’m not entirely convinced it covers all the essential parts. I slip on the heels, which are a bit tight but will fit for the night—nothing I’m not used to.

I come out, and Anastasia claps her hands together. “Already sixty percent better, now just let your hair down quick and sit at my vanity.”

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