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I stareat my Aunt Milly in shock. I can’t believe she just shut the door in Nathan’s face. I don’t even know why she’s here. All I know is that she used the emergency key to get in my place early this morning. My mom probably sent her to make sure I went to work today. I’d been going back and forth all night about whether I should call in sick, resign, or put my big girl panties on and go to the office. I told my mom most of what happened between me and Nathan, but I left out some of the juicier details. She is my mom, after all.

“I thought you wanted me to go in?” I am still surprised that Nathan showed up this morning. I thought once he had time to think about everything that he’d realize this was a problem. My mom doesn't seem to see a problem with any of this. She was laughing and telling me how adorable Dr. Nathan Amherst is. Adorable? That is not a word I’d pick to describe Nathan.

“Was that really the doc?” Milly asks, looking shocked. “He’s hot. No wonder you couldn’t keep your hands off him.” Yeah, my mom definitely sent her here.

“Tell me about it.” I let out a long breath. He hits all the right spots for me. I was hoping that once I met him and put truth to some of the rumors about him that my crush would be stomped out. No such luck. Instead it was only heightened by the way his lips felt on mine and how he had made sure that I was taken care of all day. Him showing up with food this morning didn’t help either. That man is always trying to feed me. Another point in his favor.

I go to peek out the window and see him talking to some girl in the parking lot. She looks familiar. I’m sure I’ve seen her but can’t put a name to the face. We likely were in school together at some time. She’s beautiful, with long blonde hair and legs to match. She looks very put together. The total opposite of how I usually look.

“I need to get going,” I tell my Aunt Milly. I’m not appreciating how close this mystery girl is standing to Nathan. Is he giving her a donut? He brought those for me! I go from being embarrassed about last night to angry in an instant.

“I was going to take you. We’re playing hard to get.” Wait, what? I didn't know we were playing anything. I know one thing for sure: I’m not playing with this blonde girl that is getting too close to Nathan. She better back off my man. He looks confused by what she is saying. I should save him. Not because I’m jealous but because it’s the right thing to do.

“Lock up for me. I’ll handle the rest.” I grab my bag and rush out.

“Nathan!” I call after him. He turns his head. I swear he almost smiles, but the girl says something to him, drawing his attention back to her. “Are you ready to go?” I try and play it cool, but my tone is tart.

“Wait, is she your girlfriend?” Neither of us say anything. “I’ll take that as a no. I’m not passing this opportunity up. You’re not my professor anymore.” She pulls out a card, placing it on the lid of the donut box. “Call me sometime, Nathan.” She bats her damn eyes at him.

“Dr. Amherst,” he corrects her. She lets out a cute giggle before she winks at him and then takes a bite of the donut she got from him earlier. She lets out a moan before turning to leave. I stare a hole into her back.

“She gave me her card.”

I roll my eyes. “She gave you her number so you can call and ask her out on a date.” Nathan looks surprised. “You didn't know she was hitting on you?” I have to bend my head all the way back to look up at him. He’s in slacks and a button-up with the top few buttons undone. No one should look this sexy so early in the morning.

I glance at the card to see her name is Heather. I know I shouldn’t be annoyed at her, but I am. Maybe it’s because she looks as though she’s his type. She doesn't have to break her neck to look up at him. He’s a big man with giant hands. He needs someone to hold on to. I thought about those hands last night when I got home.

“For sex?” That snaps me right back to reality. “I’m not interested.”

“We should get going,” I say, heading for the passenger door. “Before you give all my donuts away to other women.” I open the door and plop down inside.

He opens the door, putting the donuts down in the back seat and putting a coffee into each cup holder. “I saved you the best donut. The cookie monster one. But if you wish I will go back and get more donuts.”

“I’m fine.” I lift one of the coffees. I see my name written on it. “You’re right. The cookie monster is the best one.”

“Good, at least the girl was good for something. She wouldn't stop rambling.” He starts the car and pulls out. The lock engages, and the smell of him reaches me. I press my legs together tightly, taking a sip of my coffee. My coffee is made the way I love it, and I know he must have asked Mindy at the bakery. There’s no doubt that she’s going to be texting me to ask about Nathan once the morning rush is over.

I sip my coffee as I look down at what I’m wearing. I’m in a flowy dark blue skirt paired with a simple long sleeve top. The top fits snugly against me. I picked this outfit not only because it was cute, but it covers all of me for the most part. I was hoping that might keep me from pouncing on Nathan at any given moment.

“I ramble,” I point out.

“Yes, but I enjoy the sound of your voice.” He dips his chin as if agreeing with himself.

“Are you going to use the card?” I reach back and grab it. “She works for Cerner.” I flip the card over. It’s as nice and put together as her. I can’t even remember if I put makeup on today.

“I know the CEO of Cerner. I don’t need anyone else’s number that works there.”

I wave the card at him. “She wants you to wine and dine her. For you to try and get in her pants. I don’t think it would be hard for you to get there.”

“On the contrary. I don’t think it would behardat all.” I burst into laughter.

“Did you make a sex joke, Nathan?”

The smile on his face drops away as I reach back and grab a donut. “I love how you say my name.” He rolls to a stop at the light.

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