Captured Mafia Princess

When a mafia princess dares to get entangled with a Triad dragon, she may not survive to see her storybook ending...

Casey Callaghan doesn't want Prince Charming. She wants me--the dangerous dragon who knows just how to satisfy her darkest desires, who makes every inch of her body come alive with torment and pleasure. In her dreams, I imprison her in my dungeon and have my way with her.

Well, I'm about to make her fantasies come true.

Only I have my own reasons for abducting Casey. Her father, a Mob Boss, owes me. I'm Triad, and he's got to pay for what he did. Casey doesn't know that I'll be holding her ransom and using her for revenge. Once she's my captive, I can do anything I want with the naughty princess. And I will. Because I'm no Prince Charming.