Unclaimed Princess And 4 Mafia Gods

Leo, my father's friend, and right-hand man wants me like nothing else and his desires have me forgetting he’s much older.

Nicky, my bodyguard annoys the crap out of me, but how he would take a bullet for me draws me to him like bees to honey.

Cesare, my childhood sweetheart, knows all my secret fantasies, the good and the bad.

Romeo, we would be a match made in Hell. But he’s wearing me down with every sensual look from those ice-blue eyes.


Each Alphalicous man is doing everything he can to win my hand in marriage.

Together we’ll align our two families, becoming the most powerful Mafia in NYC.


But a rival gang thinks we’re weak and vulnerable since my father's passing.

And that kidnapping me is a smart move on their part.


I know my four badass Gods will rescue me from these crazy monsters.

But who will rescue me from them?


They possess my heart so why should I have to choose?

I am their Princess, I will have what I want and desire.

And desire them, all of them.