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He had the foresight to see that I would attach myself to him given the chance. I’ve lived up to that. I clung to him in the dark. It’s a silly thing to be afraid of, but I could never shake the fear. I still leave a light on in my bathroom with the door creaked an inch at night when I go to bed.

How am I going to tell my mom about this? She gave me a pep talk this morning knowing that I was nervous for my first day. I have no doubt she’ll be calling me tonight to get all of the details. We talk most nights. We’ve been doing it since I moved out on my own a few months ago. I didn't have to, but I thought it was the next step in my life.

All through college I worked and saved. My nest egg isn't giant, but it allowed me to get a studio apartment over this cute bakery. If Mom were home right now, I’d drive over there and confess everything, but she’s not there. She’s on a ship out in the middle of the ocean on a month-long cruise with her friends.

“How many times do I have to tell you to call me Nathan,” Dr. Amherst says very close to my ear, sending a tingle down my spine. I turn around and run right into him. I start to fall backward, but he grabs me and pulls me into his body so that I don’t hit the ground. My fingers dig into his shirt as I gaze up at him. His brows are furrowed together like he’s studying me and I’m some creature he can’t figure out. “Say it. I want to hear you say my name.” His hold on me tightens.

“Nathan.” I can tell that he’s still turned on. I know it’s the normal human reaction for a man to have when a woman humps them. The body readies itself for sex. “I’m sorry.” I try to wiggle out of his hold, but I get nowhere. His cock jerks against me.

“You’re not quitting.”


“This isn't up for discussion.” His hold on me loosens some so I can take a small half step back. “I’m hungry again.” I furrow my eyebrows because this man is giving me whiplash.

“I should get home.” He doesn't look happy with my answer. “I’m sorry.” I don’t know what else to say.

“Stop apologizing,” he orders. “You have nothing to apologize for.”

“I’m sorry; it's a habit.” I gasp, putting my hand over my mouth. I’m sure he’s not surprised by my nervous rambling. I’ve pretty much done it all day. He lets out a small, surprising chuckle. I drop my hand from my mouth, my eyes going to his. It’s still a touch red from our kisses. I wonder if mine looks the same. “I know I made you…” I glance down at his cock.

“If you’re apologizing for that then you should have been apologizing to me all day.” His response shocks me. “Because it’s been that way since the moment I laid eyes on you. You’re breathtaking,” he says before he kisses me. I moan into his mouth, knowing I should stop. He breaks away from the kiss, his eyes looking wild now. Everything with him is abrupt.

“Where is your car?” he asks. My mom told me to use her car while she was gone but I never went to pick it up. I rode the bus in. I don’t mind taking public transportation.

“I took a bus.”

“You took the bus?” he repeats as he clears the small space I made between us.

“It’s cheaper than filling the car up with gas, better for the environment, and I get a chance to read my book on it,” I inform him. I don’t see why more people don’t use public transportation.

“I’m taking you home.” His hand locks around my wrist, and before I can protest, he’s pulling me toward his car. It’s a sleek black Tesla. It’s sexy. He opens the passenger door for me to climb in. I drop inside because I’ve never been in one before. He shuts the door for me. A moment later, we are pulling out of the parking garage.

My eyes roam over the inside of the fancy car and the ginormous screen it has. He weaves in and out of traffic. The engine purrs as though it enjoys the way he handles it. I clench my thighs together as I watch him. I know I shouldn’t be getting turned on, but I can’t help it.

“Do you know the bakery Mo Bow?” I ask, trying to get my mind off how skilled his hands are. I got a taste of how it felt to have them on me, and my body wants more.

“So you are still hungry.” No. My stomach is in knots about everything. There is no way that I could eat right now.

“I’m really not hungry.” We did have a giant lunch. “I live above it.” He asks his car for directions.

“Is this Mo Bow open in the morning?” he asks.

“Yeah.” The one downside to living above a bakery is you smell sweets all day and then get a craving. I’ve put on a little weight since I moved there, but the treats are too good to resist.

“Good, we’ll stop in and pick up breakfast.”


“You’re not quitting,” he growls out, making it sexy. How come none of the rumors talked about how sexy Dr. Nathan Amherst is? I feel like that should have been mixed in there. “I’m your boss. You are to do as I say.”

“Okay,” I agree. It’s like he can’t stop turning me on. I need out of this car before I jump him like a cat in heat. “I go in the back.” I point for him to go around the corner. When he comes to a stop, I jump out of the car. I already have my keys in my hand. “Thanks for the ride,” I shout, putting the key into the lock. I start to open it, but a hand comes down, stopping me. I turn around to look up at Nathan.

“You’re not quitting,” he reminds me again. “I’ll be here in the morning.” He drops his hand from the door. I slip in and quickly lock it behind me. I lean against it and close my eyes. I take a deep breath, trying to pull myself together. That only lasts a few seconds before my phone starts to ring. I pull it out from my purse. It’s my mom. I’m not sure what to tell her about today. I’m not sure if it was horrible or the best day of my life. I suppose I’ll find out soon enough.



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