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I slap her lightly on the ass. “Stop that.”

She stills immediately. “Did you just spank me?”

“Yes.” My fingers find her cunt again, rubbing over her underwear and watching intently as the dark spot spreads.

“I haven’t been spanked since I was a child.” She shakes her ass.

I slap it again.

She moans. “I shouldn’t like this.”

“But you do.” I rub her faster and harder. “And you like this too.”

Keeping my fingers on her sex, I catch her tit with my mouth. I suck hard, working a rhythm between her legs and her tits until her fingernails dig into my scalp. Her moans turn to tiny gasps, little cries, pants of pleasure. She doesn’t know if she wants to pull me off or hold me tighter. I press on, sucking on her swollen nipples, fingering her cunt through the underwear.Come for me, I command in my head.Come on my fingers. Soak my hand. Give it all to me.

Her body tenses. Under my touch, her pussy pulsates, quivering, convulsing. She explodes. A cry erupts from her mouth, her palms pressing hard against the sides of my head, her liquid pouring onto my fingers. I wrench the gusset aside and plunge my fingers inside of her tight, hot cunt. She screams and tries to maneuver away, but I hold her strong, one hand on her ass while my other hand thrusts into her juicy channel. The ripples of her orgasm flutter against my fingers. I keep advancing until she realizes there’s no mercy, no quarter. She gives in and lets the orgasm rip through her, pushing her over the edge. Fall in love? Nah, she’s going to bein love.

Hurriedly, I withdraw, ripping off my clothes, licking all of her juice off my fingers and then smearing the rest on my heavy cock. I give my shaft a hard, angry pull. I need inside of her like yesterday. I don’t know how I’ve held out this long. She’s mine, mine, mine. Primitive need drives out all rational thought. It’s only instinct now.

“You ready for this? ‘Cause I can’t wait another second. I’m going to have you, Kayla. I’m going to make you mine. Once I’m inside of you, you can’t look at another man, touch another man, smile at another man. You hear me? That’s what it means to be mine. If you have a problem with that, you better pull up your soaking wet panties and run away right fucking now.”

A snarl crosses my face. I probably look like a monster, the killer from the woods that’s come to stalk his prey, but there’s no going back for me. There’s no going back for her either, even though I said she could leave. She can’t. I’d run her down, tie her up, and keep her here in my cabin naked and restrained where she’d only be able to feed by my hand.

“Last chance,” I lie to her, and before she can answer, I rip off her panties and plunge inside of her.



I gaspas Nathan thrusts all the way inside of me. I’m so wet he slides right in until he hits my innocence. My nails dig into his shoulders. The feeling is a mixture of both pain and pleasure. I’m overwhelmed but in a good way. This is all happening so fast. I barely got the words out that we could have this right now and he is all over me. The control I didn’t know he’s been fighting shatters.

“Kayla.” Nathan groans my name. “Shit.” He closes his eyes, taking a deep breath. “I’m sorry.” He leans down and softly places kisses on my face. “I had no idea.”

I swallow, a knot forming in my throat. My eyes start to burn.

“Don’t cry.” His eyes go wide, and I can see he’s about to panic.

“I’m not.” I lick my lips. “Well, maybe I am but not because it hurts. You’re being so sweet.” I’ve never felt so close to another person than I do right now. I want to have this feeling forever. I want to have him forever.

“Sweet?” He asks like he’s thinking over my choice of words. I slide my hands up his arms to wrap around his neck. “You like sweet?” He places a few more kisses on my face. My body starts to relax more. I turn my head, wanting his mouth back on mine.

I start to wiggle. Any pain I felt has melted away, and now all I feel is full. My clit still tingles from what Nathan did to my body earlier. Nathan lets out a load groan as I begin to move my hips. His fingers dig into my hips, trying to slow my movements. I can tell he’s fighting for control.

“It doesn't hurt,” I tell him. I try to move my hips again, but he’s got me locked in place.

“I’ve made a mess of this.” I gasp when Nathan lifts me, his cock still inside of me. I wrap my legs around him. “The bed” is all he gets out before I’m kissing him. Now I can move my hips, and I do what I want. My back hits something hard. “You’re not helping.” He thrusts in and out of me a few times. Again, he has me pinned so I can no longer move. “Be still or this is going to be over way quicker than either of us wants.” He smacks the side of my ass before he begins to move inside of me again.

“I’m trying, I swear.”

Nathan almost stumbles as I feel myself contract around him over and over. My body is begging for him to move. I sink down and lift back up. “I can’t stop myself,” I admit, pressing my chest into his.

He kicks open a door before tossing me down on the bed. My body protests at the loss of him inside of me. But the image of him standing at the foot of the bed looking hot as hell will be burned into my memory forever.

“Don’t move,” he orders as he starts to strip what's left of his clothes. I stare at his cock, thinking that him taking my innocence should have hurt more than it did. The man really is big all over. I start to sit up, but he grabs my ankles and pulls me to the side of the bed. “I said don’t move.”

“I said I need you back inside of me.” I try to grab for him.

“I’m making this right.” He drops to his knees, his mouth coming down on me once again. I moan out his name as he licks and sucks me. My back comes off the bed as he makes me orgasm again. My eyes fall closed as the pleasure rolls through my body.

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