Queen for a Day

Welcome To The ReginaLingus Club

Where members come together for one very specific purpose.

Silas Mills has a very serious problem. His favorite customer and ultimate crush doesn’t know that she’s been anonymously riding his face and pegging him for almost a year. Silas was already in love with Daphne before she groaned into her macchiato—he would have recognized that sexy groan of relief anywhere— and gave herself away. He’s decided it’s time to make his move but there’s no telling how the s, young fashion designer will react when he offers her a day of royal treatment outside of the ReginaLingus Club.

She’s intrigued, actually. Daphne Travis hasn’t liked anything she’s designed in weeks and Silas’s offer could be just the thing to help her reset and refresh her overworked brain. Daphne definitely noticed the sweet, sensitive barista with the soft eyes and the sexy tattoos but she’s kept a distance. She doesn’t do sweet and sensitive because she doesn’t do relationships but how much harm can one day do?

A lot, it turns out. Daphne learns that it’s alright to show her softer side and Silas knows she’s the one. He’s found the queen of his dreams but can he convince her to give him more than one day?