Big Bad Love


I have worked and strived to achieve my dream of founding the first and only sorority for plus-sized women. I’ll do anything to promote our good image, including auctioning off my services for the weekend, all in the name of charity. Not THOSE kinds of services. It’s supposed to be cooking, cleaning, and running errands. So, the last thing I need is a notorious, scruffy, sexy bad boy to roll up on his motorcycle and insert himself into this shindig. Especially a bad boy who misunderstands the ENTIRELY wholesome concept of what I’m trying to do here. Everyone’s warning me not to take his money…not go home with him, especially when Beta Beta Psi’s reputation is at stake. Except there are just two problems. One: he's donating a ton of money, and I would hate for our first charity event to be called a sham. And, two: I kind of want to see where this goes…


I don’t give a sh*t about so-called “Greek life.” Sororities and fraternities are not my bag. What I do care about is Leela. Wait, that’s an understatement. Leela's beautiful face and juicy peach are my obsession. There’s no way a nice girl like her would give a guy like me the time of day, though, so I have to do this right. I have to make her want me. Imagine my luck when I stumble upon the perfect opportunity to get to know her one-on-one. She may think this charity auction is about washing my dirty laundry, but that’s not even close to the favors I need from her. By the time this weekend is over, she’ll be begging to pledge for only one house: Team Crosby and Leela. Forever.