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“Is that all you want?”

“It’s enough for now. I need you in my life. I’ll take whatever you want to give, for however long you want me.”

Jake framed her face. “What if I want forever, Sarah? Will you give me that?”

Sarah pulled his head down. “Yes,” she whispered against his mouth.

“Thank you, Sarah. That’s my dream come true.” He kissed her long and hard then lifted his head. “But I think we can do better for your dreams.”

He stepped away and walked around the desk to open a drawer. He pulled out a nameplate and set it on the desk.

Sarah’s eyes skimmed over it.

Sarah Sweeney, CEO

“Wha…” Her gaze shot back to his in shock. She picked up the triangular name badge, sure that she was seeing only what she yearned to see, but it was her name and the coveted title. She traced the lettering with one finger.

Jake came back to her. He set his briefcase on the desk. “Will you accept the position, Sarah? Will you take over?”

Sarah’s heart hammered and her throat was clogged with emotion. She held her dream in her hands. Of all the things Jake could have said or done, this was the last thing she’d expected. “Jake, I don’t understand. Why?” Her voice broke.

Jake put his hands on her shoulders. “I can’t think of a better person to run my uncle’s business. You were right when you said that no one knew the business or the people better than you did. You earned this.”

Sarah searched his features, his lovely, beautiful eyes, and those full lips that could drive her wild when he used them on her body. She wanted this job more than anything. “But I thought you were staying to run your uncle’s business.”

“I wanted to but realistically I’m not the man for the job. This company, our company, needs a full time CEO. I have my own businesses to run, plus family obligations that require both my time and a fair amount of travel.”

“You’re not just doing this to keep me, are you?” Sarah knew she was the best choice but she wanted to be sure Jake truly believed that as well.

“No. If it wasn’t a sound business decision, I wouldn’t appoint you as CEO.”

Sarah swiped the tears from her eyes. “I don’t know what to say, Jake.”

“Say yes, Sarah.”

“I want the job, Jake.” This put them on equal status in her mind, or as close as she could get.

“Is that all you want?” Jake’s fingers skimmed up the side of her face.

Sarah shook her head. “No. I want you. More than I do any job.”

Jake rested his forehead against hers. “I know you don’t want a boss/employee relationship.” Jake stepped back, turned to the desk, and opened his briefcase. He pulled out some papers and handed them to her. “How about a partnership? 50/50.”

Shocked by the legal documents, Sarah’s jaw dropped. He was giving her half the business. Not a quarter or a third but half. Truly making them equals. “Oh my god! Jake… You don’t have to do this. I’m happy with the promotion and with you. That’s all I need.”

“I know. But I need this. I want you as a true partner.” Jake leaned against her desk and pulled her close. “Sarah, no matter what happens between us, I want this. For you. Uncle Joe would have approved. Will you be my business partner?”

Sarah couldn’t believe it. Eyes shining with happiness, she nodded. “Yes.” She eyed the man she loved and knew she’d take a chance, give up control and see where her relationship with Jake went. Setting down the nameplate she went into his open arms.

“I’ll be your partner in the office, if you’ll be my Dom in the bedroom,” she said.

“Or elevator? We have our own private elevator.” He kissed her long and deep.

When Sarah got her breath back, she pulled back. “We?”

He lifted his head and pointed to a closed door. “My office is through there.”

Sarah laughed, grabbed his hand, and led the way into his office. His was as richly decorated as her office. He also had his own entrance and bathroom, a sitting area where he could entertain visitors and a large built in wall unit. Jake grabbed her hand, picked up a remote from his desk and handed it to her.

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