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“You’re wet and ready for me, aren’t you, Sarah?”

“God yes,” she moaned.

The movement of air stopped.

“Yes, Sir. I’m ready. Please, fuck me now, Sir.” It was hard to keep her eyes closed. She wanted to see Jake’s face, see the desire she put there when she obeyed his rules.

His answer was to run the feather across her swollen clit and trace the opening of her lips.

“Do you trust me, Sarah?”

Sarah frowned. Every weekend he pushed her just a bit further, forcing her to explore her own sensuality by giving up a bit more control. “Yes. I trust you,” she said.

“Keep your eyes closed.”

Sarah felt the bed dip as he straddled her. He slid something over her head and across her eyes then reached for her hands. Something soft slid over her wrists. Startled, she realized he’d cuffed and blindfolded her.


“What’s the safe word, Sarah?”

Sarah frowned. “Muggle,” she said. Jake had been amused when he found out that she watched the Harry Potter movies over and over.

“Use it if it becomes too much for you.”

Sarah felt his mouth move over hers. “Trust me, Sarah,” he said.

Sighing when he moved off her, off the bed, Sarah lay perfectly still. As before, nothing happened yet her senses were hyper-aware. She followed his path as he walked around the bed, heard a bag zip open. Then he was back.

“Bend your knees. Open for me.”

Sarah obeyed and felt his fingers parting her, opening her. His finger dipped into her then slid down and lingered on her anus. Stiff, unsure she was going to like what he planned, Sarah bit her lower lip. Something cold squirted onto her and Jake’s finger slid in. She jerked against the restraints.

“So tight. Relax Sarah.”

Sarah had ass sex once and didn’t like it. She was ready to use the safe word when something hard slid into her. It didn’t hurt and when Jake pulled her legs down, she realized he’d used some sort of butt plug.

Her body tightened around it, which made her clit throb even harder. The feather returned, stroked her breasts, then arrowed down to her clit. Sarah cried out, her legs squeezing together.

Jake spread her legs and Sarah felt him putting soft cuffs around each ankle. She bit her lips. Blinded and unable to move, she was truly helpless to whatever he planned. Her body and mind were on edge.


A pinch to her nipple made her cry out.

Once again, she felt Jake climb on the bed. His hands skimmed up her trembling legs, slid over her thighs and stopped at the junction of her sex. A breath of air flowed over her, from her pussy, up the split of her lips and across her throbbing clit.

Jake parted her flesh and blew air up one side and down the other. Sarah pulled against her restraints and bucked. Each time her buttocks clenched, the feel of the butt plug sent tremors of need straight to her clit.

Separating her even more, Sarah felt Jakes warm breath on her clit and tried to lift her hips, inviting, no begging him to take her into his mouth. His hands held her still and then he began blowing rapidly on her clit.

Sarah moaned. Jake might as well have his finger on her, stroking her. She was going to come. She pulled and fought against all the restraints, including Jake in her desperate need.

“Not yet, Sarah. When I say.”

“God, Jake. Please,” she begged.

“Please what, Sarah?”

“Please, Sir. Let me come.” Her words were breathy whimpers.

“When my tongue touches your clit, you may come.”

Sarah waited and waited, fighting the urge as his finger slid into her and touched the sensitive spot inside her. His breaths alone continued to stroke her clit. She squeezed her ass together and jerked her pussy up when he pulled his finger out.

Near breaking, afraid she was going to come, Sarah screamed when his tongue stroked the inside of her lips. She shook and trembled and waited for him to lick her clit but his tongue skipped over her and traced a path down to her pussy then back up between her parted lips.

Over and over, Jake teased her. His hands slid beneath her, lifting her ass off the bed. Sarah felt the orgasm building and knew she wasn’t going to be able to stop it from consuming her. She tightened herself, drew in a deep breath, then felt Jake’s tongue slide up and dance over her clit.

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