Unexpectedly In Love

Author: Christina Tetreault
Category: Romance
Total pages: 69

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Unexpectedly In Love

Sometimes love happens when you least expect it.

Tory Sherbrooke has a small dilemma. She'll be the maid of honor in a few weeks at her friend's wedding. Unfortunately, her ex-boyfriend, a man her parents want her to marry and who can't accept it'll never happen, is the groom's best man. Tory has a simple solution, though: show up with a boyfriend. And the Helping Hands Bachelor Auction seems like the perfect place to find someone to fill the role temporarily.

After losing a bet, Duncan Ferguson finds himself part of a charity bachelor auction. And when he walks on stage that night, he has a plan—take the winner out on the required four dates and then say goodbye. All that changes when Tory Sherbrooke presents a proposition he can't pass up. If Duncan spends a week in Puerto Rico pretending to be her boyfriend, she'll make a substantial donation to his favorite charity. Then once the week is over, they'll go their separate ways.

Falling in love was never on either's radar. However, the more time Tory and Duncan spend together, the more real their relationship feels. But will they both be willing to risk their hearts again?