Mea Culpa

It’s easier to forgive someone at fault than to forget.

Larken Maynard knows fear. Though not the kind she’s experienced while working as a paranormal investigator on the hit show, Haunted New Orleans. Her terror stems from the sadistic, manipulative group who held her hostage for most of her life. Those who condemned her for her natural-born gifts. The people she barely escaped with her life. And now, they’re back. Looking to return her to the fold and control her once again. But Lark won’t go down without a fight. And the man who used to be her friend and confidant is in for a rude awakening if he thinks she will.

Kholt Leroy has never really known anything but Balance of Light. They are his family, his friends. The ranch was his childhood home. He always wondered why his best friend disappeared, and he’s missed her greatly...for far too long. So, when he runs into her again, he’s thrilled. Unfortunately, he’s unprepared for what he finds. She’s not the person he remembers, and the stories she tells flips his entire world on its axis. Now, he must decide between the woman he has always cared about and the only family he’s ever known.