Christmas at the Sleigh Cafe

Dancer Allie Jameson is home this Christmas…

Not just for the holidays but to regroup and relaunch her career after the Broadway show she was in was canceled. Maybe she’ll go back to New York. Maybe she’ll try dancing on the West Coast. But one thing was certain. She isn’t staying in Christmas Mountain after the new year.

While Allie ponders her options, she takes a job waitressing at the Sleigh Café.

Allie knows things in Christmas Mountain never change…except they are changing. At the Sleigh Café, someone’s leaving uplifting Christmas notes for patrons and staff, including Allie. And for the first time ever, Allie can’t look at her best friend from high school – Nick Stocking – without thinking about mistletoe kisses. It’s all so confusing. Except it’s not. Because no matter what’s changed, Allie will leave town on January first…or will she?