Haunted Tides

My name is Brea Manley, ghost hunter extraordinaire and founder of the Spirit Vlog, the top ranked ghost hunting stream around. After a hiatus, we are back at it again.

Serenity Harbor Maine looks like an idyllic town at first glance. But its dark and tragic past is what brought our team in.

We were hired by Haunted Histories, a company dedicated to bringing the most haunted locations in America to life. Our goal is to get as much evidence as we can to bring in ghost lovers around the globe. But on our very first night on the job, we get more activity than we’ve ever had.

Every following night seems to escalate; from otherworldly nighttime visits, to sleepwalking, to truly intelligent hauntings. We’re in over our heads and there’s too much for just our team to handle alone. We need backup, and fast.

With a large team, a town full of mysteries, and a few extra powers, can we find out what’s causing Serenity Harbor’s supernatural activity before someone gets hurt?