Due Process

Sienna Parker's one tough, by-the-book detective who never stops until she gets her man. But she might have met her match in gorgeous Navy SEAL A.J. Camacho. He's adamant the suspect she's chasing, his stepbrother, is innocent. Sienna doesn't take anyone at their word, especially when the evidence begins to pile up. And, even when her friends set her a challenge to get her man...into her protective custody, Sienna doesn't back down from a fight.

A.J. Camacho is on a mission, one that isn't exactly sanctioned or part of his team mandate. He's convinced his stepbrother has gotten himself into some hot water. The only way he can guarantee his brother a fair shake is to dog the detective on the case. Head-strong, Miss Independent, and butt-kicking Sienna. But when she wants to get up close and personal with him, A.J. can't help but want to break all the rules.