Hush Now Sweetheart

Meadow: If there is one person I can't stand, it is him.
He’s my father’s bodyguard.
Completely indifferent to me and treats me like I’m not the princess everyone thinks I am.
I try to tell myself that he is beneath me. That I don’t need him. That he is nothing.
But my heart doesn’t agree. It seems to crave him.
If only his heart would crave me back.

Dominic: My job is to be professional. Not get involved with the boss’s daughter.
But it is damn hard when my heart doesn’t seem to agree.
My whole body craves her, craves her lying next to me and looking at me with those abandoned eyes.
Deep down I know that she needs me. And that she is mine.
When a situation occurs that puts her in danger, I’m forced to steal her away to the mountains.
Now it is just me and her. And here the old rules, no longer apply.