The Secret of the Summerhouse (Sunrise Coast)

How far would you go to uncover a secret from your past?


Only ever look back to see how far you’ve come; those were the words her social worker, Connie, had impressed on the orphaned Lili her whole life. But was it time to revisit her past…?

After breaking up with her partner, Lili is facing an uncertain future. A chance encounter with a curmudgeonly old gentleman who runs an antique store on the Suffolk Coast is about to change the course of Lili’s life. He offers Lili the flat above his shop at a peppercorn rent. But unbeknown to Lili, she reminds him of someone from his past.

Lili isn’t the only new arrival on the windswept Suffolk Coast. Nate is starting over with his young son, returning to stay with his grandfather, Joseph, in his imposing home called The Summerhouse. A blossoming friendship soon develops between Nate and Lili that takes them both by surprise.

Things take an unexpected turn when Lili discovers Joseph hasa Hebrew wedding band, one of a matching pair – the other one Lili has had since childhood. It was her only possession, hanging on a chain around her neck when she was found as a small child wandering alone on a beach in Corfu.

Lili sets out on a journey to Corfu to discover the truth about her past, and starts to unravel a mystery that spans three generations – a mystery that leads her back to Joseph and the secret of the summerhouse.