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“Please, Sir, please?” The sounds coming from my mouth aren’t just hindered by the ball gag. They’re raw, and animal, guttural cries of pain. I’m right on the precipice, aching to fall, but doing so without his permission means more pain, more torture, and more deprivation. So I hold it at bay. I’ll be his good girl, because the alternative hurts too much.

“Please what?”

“Please may I come, Sir, please?”

“Well, since you asked so nicely.” He lowers the wand to my clit. Pleasure and pain explode inside me. I’m light. I’m weightlessness. I’m tethered to the ceiling, tethered to him, and I’m free.

I scream my pleasure as the last of my orgasm rocks through me. My pussy clenches, my asshole doing the same around the plug. I try to move. The cord at my neck pulls tight, intensifying everything the way his hand did previously when he cut off my oxygen and I came.

Slowly, he lowers me to the floor and unfastens the ropes connecting me to the ceiling, but he leaves the others in place, so I’m still completely bound and at his mercy. He rolls me over, hooking his fingers in the riggings and hauling me up on my knees. The lines cut and abrade my flesh but I’m so needy, so desperate for him to fuck me, use me, and make me come again, that I don’t care. I’ll deal with the bruises and the aching limbs because I love this. I love every second of being Sir’s dirty fucking whore. I was born for this.

My Sir’s hard, thick cock drives into me. Over and over, he fucks me on the ground, mashing my already abused body into the floor. It’s violent. It’s perfect, and when he tells me to come like the dirty fucking whore that I am, it’s heaven. He pulls out and comes on my back, spurting slick, creamy cum all over me. The message is clear—his.

Ares unfastens the knots over my arms. I cry out as blood rushes back to my extremities, and he massages my arms and shoulders, all the way down to my fingertips. He unties the ropes at my thighs, and a few quick passes of his hands sees my breasts and chest unbound too.

I’ve never been more tied to another human being in my whole life.

Ares comes back from the bathroom with a soft washcloth and cleans me up, then he pulls my boneless body from the floor and carries me back to bed where his caresses send me even further into a dreamlike state.

“I want you to stay away from my brother,” Ares whispers in the dark. He wraps his hand around my waist and draws me closer.

“Is that an order, Sir?”

“It’s the most important order you have right now.”

“I thought welcoming you into my body and taking a beating were the most important commands I had to follow.”

“Don’t get cute, little one. I love my brother, but I don’t trust him. Not with this. Not with you.”

I snuggle closer, moved by his protectiveness. “I thought twins were supposed to be inseparable?”

“They are, until something comes along to separate them.”

Is he saying that I have separated them? Or is he referring to Athena? “Did you . . . did you love her like a sister, or a lover?”

Apparently, he doesn’t need to ask who I’m talking about. He already knows. He takes a deep breath and releases it slowly as his hand caresses the curve of my hip. “He told you?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“I cared for her once as a lover, but then I saw the way my brother looked at her, and I knew I had to step away.”

“And me? If he looked at me like that?” I know there’s little chance of that happening, but I have to know all the same.

“My days of selflessness are over, Pet.”

“So you’d never give me to him?”

He bops my nose. “Not if you were the last woman on Earth, and the human race depended on it.”

“But you shared me with him at The Ranch?”

He nods and kisses my temple, my cheek, and down my neck to my collarbone. “For your training. I did it to break you, and it killed me to do so.”


His impatient breath lets me know he’s not happy. “I thought I told you never to call me that?”

I look up into those mercurial dark eyes so filled with war and desire, it’s hard to tell the difference sometimes. “I need you to sell me to Vladik.”

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