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The scent of coffeewakes me. That, and the whirring of jet turbines. My head aches as I sit up in my seat and look around the small cabin. Everything is white, from the soft leather chairs to the pristine glossy lacquered surfaces of the tables and cabinets, and the carefully coiffed hair of the smiling flight attendant leaning over me.

“Welcome back, Miss Flynn. Can I offer you a hot towel?” Her hands grip a pair of silver tongs containing a rolled bundle of cloth. In her other hand is a tray with several more towels. A waft of steam rises from it.

“No.” I shove the towel away, and the flight attendant struggles to hold onto her possessions. I sit up and glare at Ares in the opposite seat.He drugged me! He fucking drugged me.

His grin shows he’s amused, as always. “Good morning, Pet.”

“You asshole. What did you do?” I lash out, preparing to strike him, but he grabs my wrist with his iron strength, and it takes me all of ten seconds to submit.

“Is that any way to treat your Sir?”

“You drugged me!”

“I did. I never would have gotten you out of the country, otherwise.”

I wrench out of his grasp and slide the blind up over the window. It’s dark outside, and I doubt I’d see anything but cloud cover in the daylight anyway. “Where are we going?”

“What does it matter?”

I rake my hands through my hair and suppress a scream. “You drive me insane with your inability to answer questions.”

“Do I, Pet?” He folds his newspaper and tosses it on the seat beside him. “It’s just become abundantly clear that you have been out of my care a little too long, and are in need of a good, hard spanking.”

My breath hitches, and my heartbeat flies to my throat. I stare at my Sir, gauging the seriousness of his words, and instantly know what’s expected of me.

I sink to the floor and kneel before him, my back straight, my legs spread, my palms up and my eyes lowered.

Ares takes a measured breath. “Submission still looks so fucking good on you, Pet.”

“Thank you, Sir.”

He leans forward and chucks me on the chin. “That’s my greedy little whore. Tell me Pet, are you wet? Is your cunt aching to be fucked?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Show me.”

I glance at the hostess coming back with a tray of drinks, and I blush. Ares snaps, “Take off your fucking clothes and present your pussy to me, Pet.”

With another look at the hostess, I stand and remove my sweater. Then I slide my skirt down over my hips, but I pause when I reach the waistband of my tights. At The Ranch and in my room where I was held, I became accustomed to being naked in front of others, but this feels different, strange.

“Vivian doesn’t care, little one. This is Texas’s plane, and I assure you, she’s seen much worse. Probably even done worse too.”

Vivian sets the drinks on the table jutting out from the wall on the opposite side of Ares. She gives an uneasy smile and bows her head. “Will that be all, Sir?”

“No.” He doesn’t take his eyes off me as he says this. “Stay and watch. Pet has been a bad girl. She’s disobeying orders, and she’s forgotten who is the Dominant and who is the sub here. It won’t do. Stand there while she undresses and let her show you how perfect her little pink cunt is.”

“Of course, Sir. Whatever you wish.” She nods and folds her hands together, the picture of calm, but her cheeks have flamed red and I can tell she’s as nervous as I am right now.

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