Reasonable Doubt

Forensic Investigator, Kate Quinn is done being "Sister Kate." The nickname her friends call her. She's going to prove it to tall, dark and handsome deputy district attorney Jericho St. James, the man she's set her sights on. With a plan for seduction in a ready and willing Kate, there's no room for timid. It's full force ahead, until a man she believes is innocent is charged with murder and Jericho is the prosecutor. Kate's determination to get Jericho to see her in a different sexier light and her pursuit of justice complicates everything.

It's not that Jericho hasn't noticed Kate. On the contrary, he's avoided any contact with the brilliant, gorgeous woman because he doesn't mix business and pleasure. It might have been possible to keep his sleek, sophisticated cool until Kate's sexy make over undermines Jericho's formidable will. Now he's caught up and brought to his knees in surrender, unable to deny her anything. But as the murder case comes to a head, it's Kate and Jericho who put everything on the line for the chance of a happily ever after.