It Comes In Waves

After experiencing emotional trauma Blakely Walker finds herself running from her past life and trying to settle into a new routine, one she plans to pick out for herself. She is thrown for a loop when she books a vacation expecting to find a new perspective, instead she finds Judson, her neighbor. He's charismatic and cocky but Blakely brings out something else, something no one has ever seen. Their connection is undeniable from the first moment, making it impossible for either of them to walk away. He is older and settled and she is a complete anxiety-ridden train wreck. Just as Blakely tries to move on from her past, everything comes back to slap her in the face, making it hard to forget. Judson has secrets too, a lifetime of lies that threaten to blow everything up. Their relationship is just getting started, but was it already too complicated to begin with? Probably so, but what is love without a little chaos?