Wrap with Love

Christmas Chemistry

It’s time for the ho-ho-holidays and while this is one of my favorite times of the year, I’m feeling a little off. My mom has gone on a well-deserved cruise and I’m alone, starting a new position to be the assistant of famed researcher Dr. Nathan Amherst.


The department secretary says he’s terrible and they have to hire new assistants all the time which is why I’m starting at the end of the term. She’s all but begging me to overlook his bad habits and nasty temper.


I could’ve endured those things, but I wasn’t prepared to for him to be the science version of John Wick. He’s so gorgeous and so smart and I’m so attracted to him that I’m worried I won’t be able to keep my hands off of him.


I need this job but it’s already in jeopardy—and so am I.

Insta Holiday

Tyson Carter has known Rory Carlson is the one for him since, well, forever. All through high school with every score, he hoped to impress her into his bed. Nothing worked. Rory has remained stubbornly resistant to his Carter charms but Tyson didn’t win all those championships through luck. He can be just as strong-willed as she.


Rory Carlson has two younger brothers, a household full of debt, and a derelict mother. She doesn’t have time for rich kid Tyson Carter who, despite all his sports achievements, has decided to be an influencer. It doesn’t matter to her that he has hundreds of thousands of followers. Does that put food on the table? Tyson is gorgeous, handsome and smart, but she needs someone she can rely on.


In this insta world, she wants something permanent. During this holiday season, can Tyson convince her that forever after is possible with him?

King's Castle

King built his fortress to keep people out, not in. After his abusive old man kicked the bucket, King took the family fortune and built a haven for women and children who needed protection. He has one rule and that is the women decide when they get to leave. When Hayden shows up, all his self-discipline goes out the window. He’s ready to risk it all to keep her…even against her will.


Hayden came to find her sister—not a man—but one look at King has all her female parts kicking into high gear. He’s autocratic and demanding and everything she shouldn’t like but she can’t help being attracted to the soft heart he keeps hidden. She should run away but every moment she spends with him has her wishing that her home could be the King’s Castle.

Oh Snowy Night

Oh! Snowy night the stars are brightly shining

It is the night of the lumberjack’s big fall

Long lay his heart in eternal slumber

Till she appeared and his soul felt enthralled

A thrill of hope the romance world rejoices

For yonder breaks a new and glorious tale

Swipe open your Kindles

And read the latest story

Of the slight surly Conn

And of Faith who brought new hope