Bought by the Sheikh

She was bought once, he’ll buy her again…

A dysfunctional upbringing has made Sheikh Zavian bin Ameen Al Rasheed distrustful of people—but he trusted Gabrielle. That is, until she betrayed him by accepting his father’s bribe to leave Zavian and his country. He’s left shattered by the betrayal but with an obsession for her which only increases with time.

Raised by her eccentric grandfather in the deserts of Havilah, Gabrielle loves the country and Zavian so much that she leaves them. He’s to become king and he needs to marry a suitable Bedouin. So she accepts Zavian’s father’s bribe to leave—it was the only way to make sure Zavian didn’t follow her—and, in so doing, exiles herself from the only home and man she’s ever loved.

But a year later, as wedding plans are underway, Zavian suspects Gabrielle is the anonymous donor of one his country’s most precious artifacts, purchased for the exact sum as the bribe. So he buys her services from her university in order to find out the truth and rid himself of his obsession. Besides, if Gabrielle can’t be his wife, then why not his mistress?