Pop and Pour
Newly fired from my Manhattan job and fresh off a bad breakup, is it any wonder I got a little tipsy during a wine-tasting road trip and ended up doing snow angels on the winery lawn… in June?


Cosimo Grado, the gorgeous, grumpy, Clark Kent look-alike owner, was not amused. He’s even less amused when his brother hires me on the spot for a summer position at the winery. Pretty sure I saw steam on those sexy glasses he wears. But some time away from the city is just what I need to get my life back on track, so I take the job.

It’s true. I don’t know anything about wine…yet. I’m not the flighty, spoiled city girl he thinks I am. All I need is a chance to prove myself. But the all-work-no-play Cosimo’s mind is made up.

Too bad for him avoiding me is impossible since we’re both living and working on the premises for the next several weeks. And as the summer heats up, so does the tension between us. He’s trying to focus on his new role as the protector of his family legacy. I’m trying to mend my broken heart before returning to my real life in the city. Neither one of us needs the distraction.

But one late night in the tasting room and the tension finally bubbles over. Now, I’m falling for my boss and my dented heart is telling me to run.