Tricia’s Manster

It was just a bit of fun, until he showed up


Getting together with girlfriends and doing a love spell was fun. I never thought anything would come of it. Except now I’m faced with a handsome man straight out of my dreams. He’s perfect... and my client. It goes against professional ethics to even think half the things I want to do with him. I resign myself that it’s not meant to be, and a silly spell is just that- silly. Then he kisses me…

From the moment she walks into the room for my massage, I’m thoroughly captivated. Her touch brings relief while tormenting me with what I can’t have. As a divorced older man, I’m not the best catch for a wonderfully upbeat young woman like her. Yet all I want is the chance to prove that I am the man she’s been waiting for.


You've Built a Bear, but have you ever Made a Manster?
When 15 girlfriends spend a spooky weekend getaway in Manitou Springs, Colorado, they conjure up their perfect partner, but never expect to actually meet them.