Indebted to the Vampires

My Name Is Elsa Carpenter And If You Were To Look At Me You’d Think I’m Just An Ordinary 18 Year Old Girl, But I’m Not.

I’m a Slayer with an ancient duty to fight against evil.
It turns out vampires were the least of things I had to deal with.

Upon my acceptance into the prestigious Angel Academy, I crossed the strict headmaster, who was always on my case and this bled over to some…disagreements with my peers.

I started to get bullied.
Can you believe that?
A Slayer getting bullied by ordinary people!
I couldn’t use my Slayer skills.
I had to be smarter.

Then, my world was thrown into even more disarray when I met three hot vampires who helped me out of a tight spot.
I know I was meant to hate them, and loving them was so wrong, but it felt so right.