Gemini Dragon

We are destined to hate each other.
He is a possessive Alpha wolf, I am the prophesied dragon queen of a world I just stumbled into.
The prophecy says we will save our kind, but wolves and dragons are ancient enemies.
Yet despite the betrayals that stand between us, his heat almost makes my wings melt.

He thinks I’ve betrayed him, and I have to admit that he has a point.
Because of me, he is now locked up in a cave up the highest mountain.
Guess what though: he is sharing the cave with me…
And slowly, fierce arguments lead to fierce kisses.

I know men like him—confident, magnetic, born leaders. I cannot read too much into this.
Ancient enemies will never turn into lovers, no matter how intense the spark.
The Gemini in me tells me to leave this place before my coronation, before he ruins me for good.
And yet my heart tells me to stay for one more kiss, for one more touch of his hand…

Am I lost in this mist forever?
Or will the Alpha wolf claim the dragon queen after all?