Bewitched By You


Kenna makes my chest ache. Every soft blink, every dimpled smile, every bubbly laugh out of her perfect lips is a reminder of what I can never have. Eight years ago, I made a mistake. I promised her brother, my best friend, that I’d never bring her into my world. A promise I regret with every breath in my body.  

But then one night, Kenna walks into the dark club, hiding behind a mask and a false sense of security. She thinks this is anonymous and once I get my hands on her, I can’t resist giving her exactly what we both want. I just have to pray that she’ll be able to forgive me once she realizes who I am.


Jonas has a secret. My sexy-as-sin boss thinks he’s sneaky, that no one notices him slipping away. On his nights off, he trades out that worn out ball cap and faded flannel for a dark suit. He tosses a duffle bag into the back of his truck, and he’s gone. He thinks no one sees him, but I do. I see everything he does. 

Sure, following him and prying into his personal life is probably wrong but I’m dying to know what he’s up to. Never could I have imagined the secret he’s been keeping would bring my deepest fantasies to the surface. A secret with the potential to change both of our lives forever.