Aryena’s Secret

Car racing, boys, annoying bullies, blood lust, and two overbearing police detectives. That's my life.

It's a far cry from where I started but even I know nothing ever stays the same.

My name is Areyna Rose, that's not actually my real name, that's as much a mystery to me as it is to everyone else, but most people I meet call me Areyna.

When my main food source becomes a problem, I have no choice but to find a new one or four. Rather sexy ones at that.

Maybe this life of mine won't be quite as dull as I thought it would be.

Or maybe it's just getting more complicated, especially when said police detectives force me to attend a school where students start turning up dead.

Can we all survive the horrors befalling us or will we succumb to the same fate as those we're trying to save?