Model Billionaire

My goal? Power—and to find out who killed my brother. Love? That doesn’t factor into any of it.

Trained all my life as an assassin for the Bratva, I know my worth. I’m beautiful and deadly, and I know exactly how I plan to use that—hunting down who killed my brother Koa. I don’t care what it takes—or who I have to use to get there.

Until I meet him.

Handsome and seductive, Romeo San Giovanni rejects all the power he was born with, power I desperately want. His only desire is to make it as a runway model—the same cover I’m using for my latest mission. Sparks fly between us on the runway and off, but I can’t afford to lose my head—or my heart.

I have a job to do. Even if this model billionaire makes me wonder if the life I was born into is the life I was meant to have—I can’t back down. And when I find out he has secrets, too, I know I was right to guard my heart.

Some people are fools for love. I won’t be one of them.