The Perfect Gift

Hedge fund billionaire Lincoln has never taken a vacation - until now. His business partners have sent him to a secluded island for some rest and relaxation. There is much more in store for him than sunshine and palm trees, however. Waiting for him in the living room of his lavish vacation home is a beautiful young girl wrapped in a bow. Lincoln doesn’t have time for females…normally, but in no time flat, the innocent, free-spirited girl captures his heart. Enraptures him. And makes it impossible to let her go.

Nova’s two greedy sisters know a payday when they see one. They’ve bullied her into going along with their evil plan. The scheme? They’ll send their virgin sister to Lincoln, she’ll seduce the billionaire into getting her pregnant and they’ll blackmail him to become rich. But Nova never expected to fall in love with Lincoln. Nor does she realize how far her sisters will go to collect what they’re owed…or how far Lincoln will go to protect what’s his.